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Lawrence, Kansas

Below are photos of a room that was restretched and then cleaned by Ace. This carpet is not only more aesthetically pleasing but the useful life will be much longer because improperly stretched carpet can cause delamination (seperation of carpet backing).

Transplant Surgery

Carpet that has been damaged by pets, is discolored or has a stain that is not correctable with cleaning can create a real eyesore. We are usually able to make a surgical insert (carpet patch) that blends almost perfectly. If no remnant is available, a donor piece can usually be taken from a closet. Below is a photo of an ACE repair that was necessary because of a red dye spill.

Carpet Stretching & Repair
in the Lawrence, KS Area

Ace Provides carpet stretching and a wide range of carpet repairs including patches, transition strips, delamination repair and seam repair. Whether the problem was caused by a pet, burn, spill or wear our master carpet technicians provide solutions. Carpet installers are often unprepared to face the challenges faced in re-stretching & repairing carpet in an occupied home.  For example, there is often no practical way to effectively stretch carpet without stretching to seams which requires different tools and methodology than is used in installations.  Our technicians are equipped with specialty tools and training to restore carpet to an optimal appearance.

Power Stretching